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May 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2020

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Gemma is an artist, teacher and calligrapher from Tasmania, Australia. In 1991 she received a Winston Churchill Fellowship to study in Europe and is a Fellow of the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society, UK. Gemma teaches for organizations throughout Australia and has also joined the faculty at international lettering-art conferences in Italy, Germany, the USA, Canada and the UK. Her work is housed in private and public collections including the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK, the European Parliament, Letterform Archive San Francisco and Parliament House Canberra.


Her area of expertise is calligraphic history, evolution of the western alphabet from the Roman period through to the 21st century. Gemma shares her passion and love for letterforms with enthusiasm and gusto and welcomes all-comers to her classes.



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WORKSHOP DETAILS: (All prices mentioned in this event are in SGD)

We are grateful to have the chance to host the workshop of the famous artist and calligrapher, Gemma Black, from Australia.

She is one of the women in Woman of the Island, a multi-award winning series of short documentaries celebrating the inspiring and untold stories of the women who inhabit the island of Tasmania.

Check out the video here

Her workshops in Singapore will be a mix of calligraphy and art. It will include some gouache/watercolor paint, brushes, fine-art papers, layout and tracing papers, horizontal nibs, and broad-edge pens. Are you interested to join us?!

This will be the last year of Gemma teaching overseas!

Seats are Limited! 


Level: All Level for the whole workshops. Broad-edge pen knowledge will be helpful to attend the class.
Location: The White Space, Keong Saik Road, Singapore
All materials.
Guarantee: Full Personal Attention!
Workspace: One table per person!


Materials provided for each participant:

Nibs, paint, inks, layout paper, tracing paper and Fine Art Papers

(more detail will be given when it's closer to the date)​


Supplies provided and for sharing (to be used in the class):

Some basics supplies, paints, wash cup, Automatic Pens / Horizontal pens, inks 


Lunch is not included.

Refreshments, snacks, coffee and tea will be provided

Due to a lot of non-refundable and upfront payments we have to make such as venue hire, air flight, visa and accommodation fees for the instructor, all purchased tickets are NON-Refundable.

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WORKSHOP 1: Cnut: Psalter & Charter Hand

(2 days) on 6th - 7th of May 2020 (Wednesday and Thursday) • 10am to 5pm

Eadvius Basan, scribe of Christ Church, Canterbury between 1012-1023, was well known for being the major scribe of the Arundel Psalter BL Ms. 115.  Also for his work on at least one Charter of King Cnut, Ms.1003 and a number of others major works. 

In this two-day class we will look at the work of this master scribe, analyze the Arundel Psalter hand using Edward Johnston’s “7 Points for Copying a Manuscript” along with some additional points and tools to determine the exact nature of it’s construction and execution. This will lead us to a very clear understanding of the hand and give us just a little insight to the scribe himself.

What has become known as the Cnut Charter Hand, although there were many different scribes working during the time of King Cnut, it is this particular hand that breathes life into the 11th century book hands. Similar to the hand of the Ramsey Psalter, that which Edward Johnston based his Foundational Hand on, Basan’s hand is much livelier, flowing and has excellent legibility and rhythm.

Learn its character, know its history and be confident in bringing the hand, a breath of fresh air, into you contemporary work.  With a sound historical basis this Cnut Charter Hand is a great starting point and springboard for variations and will be explored in its original setting and then take it forward using weight variations, both diminishing and increasing, along with some heavy manipulation to make it a fascinating modern hand.

Eadvius Basan was a prolific scribe and a major figure of the eleventh century who should not be overlooked by modern calligraphers and lettering artists. 
Allow me to introduce you to this great scribe and enjoy a new hand to your repertoire of styles.​​

WORKSHOP 2: The Italian Hand of Bennardino Cataneo

(3 days) on 8th to 10th of May 2020 (Friday to Sunday) • 10am to 5pm

Bennardino Cataneo was maestro di scrivere at the University of Siena, Italy, c. 1544-1560.  The only known surviving examples of his writing are twenty vellum leaves bound in a manuscript dated 4 February 1545, dedicated to Signor Odoardo Ralyg Gentilhuomo, an Englishman Edward Raleigh. I am sure there must be more examples of Cataneo’s works, yet to be unearthed.

In this workshop the students will be studying exemplars from his holograph and recreating these elegant forms of both the “cancellaresca corsiva” and the “cancellaresca formata” giving participants sound models on which to base their own contemporary Italian hand.  The class will also look at major Renaissance Italian writing masters to understand the development of the hand at this time​

Full 5 days Workshops:
on 6th to 10th of May 2020 (Wednesday to Sunday) • 10am to 5pm

This full 5 days workshop is the combination of the two classes mentioned above.
If you are up to learn all the techniques in both scripts, check this out!