Gridline guidesheets from assorted paper from Martha's collection has been specified as a super-smooth, ultra-fine high quality paper with velvety surface for both printing and pointed pen calligraphy. 

Our artist use this paper for practice as this is one of the best paper that can be written on a printed guideline with pointed pen without causing feathers.

The paper has been tested with:
Nibs: Leornardt Principal EF, Gillot Principality #1, Vintage Gillot 303, G nibs, Hunt 101
Inks: Walnut ink, Iron Gall ink, Sumi ink, McCaffery Ink on a printed guideline

It is a product recommended Master Penman Michael Sull.

Master Penman Michael Sull said: "This is a very good paper, and I am totally recommending this for calligraphers who are practicing Spencerian or Engrossers with dip pen."


***** Price may vary in time following the pulp price ******

Martha's Atelier Gridline sheets (Loose Leaf)

  • Other paper colours are available by Request only.

    Paper weight (Grammage) : 100 gsm / sheet
    Size: A4 Size
    Total sheets per set: 60 sheets
    Total weight per set (without shipping box): 0.43gr
    Made in Europe