A waterproof, lightfast and rich black ink that creates beautiful thin hairlines similar to sumi ink. It has fading resistance from erasers and other colors alcohol-based inks. 

The ink is perfect for beginners of pointed pen calligraphy writing, drawing comics and manga, whether you plan to color your artwork or leave it in black and white.

The ink doesn't feather in any type of paper, smooth writing and thin hairline. Require regular nib cleaning after each use and time to dry.

Tachikawa Jet Black Ink

  • Brand: Tachikawa

    Jar Material: Glass

    Ink Characteristic: Lighfast, non-fluorscent, non-shimmer, consistency similar to Sumi ink

    Ink Color: Black (Jet)

    Bottle Size: 15ml

    Net Weight without Packaging: 4.82 oz / 137 grams