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Be inspired and learn calligraphic art at our studio or from your home. Browse our workshop!


About us

Built up from the ground through Martha Days in 2007, where using good quality products regardless of the level of every artist, calligrapher or student is mandatory.  

We provide personalised calligraphic writing services through our calligraphers and artists and contribute calligraphic art supplies material for all calligraphers. 

It's about the quality, not the quantity.

Our Story

Be the Bridge between the historical and traditional art world and modern contemporary calligraphic art. 

Our Vision

We realised that when beginner students were given premium-quality tools and materials, with the proper guidance, they could work wonders.

Looking at the wave of the new generation and with the idea of being the bridge between contemporary and traditional art, we are bringing you the two worlds together, without forgetting the history but at the same time the hope of helping artists create and spread their authentic works in Australia and around the globe to inspire and impact the calligraphic art world with history, vision, purpose and style. 

Our Mission

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