The instructional handbook covers:

  • Traditional movement and cross-drill exercise sheets with instructions for daily use.
  • Over 150 copybook sheets in the time-tested method of practice, boasting more than 375 model lines of writing and 1,575 blank lines for student use.
  • Detailed pages on letter and number construction.
  • Specially designed practice sheets featuring a progressive format of guidelines to focus the student's efforts from basic letter size, height, spacing and slant to spontaneous writing upon a single baseline.
  • Additional chapters feature selected quotations, poems, excerpts from literatures and scriptures for further practice; comments on the tools of writing, with special information on the use of fountain pens; the techniques of how to write a personal letter; ten important rules of handwriting; and blank guide sheets in all formats are presented in the book.

American Cursive Handwriting (by Michael & Debra Sull)

  • This student's edition is published in 2011.
    Book Size: Total 320 pages, in letter size paper 21.59cm x 27.94cm.

    It's a loose sheets paper with 3-holes punched for binder.