Non-waterproof black ink. One of popular ink in many calligraphy classes, used for dip pen calligraphy or broad-edge pen calligraphy. Recommended by Eleanor Winters, a famous calligrapher based in New York, USA for her calligraphy classes. It is one of the best calligraphy ink for beginner. 

To achieve a thinner good-quality hairline, add a few drops of gum arabic and dilute with distilled water (available at Woolworths). To achieve different hue on the ink, add around 1cm of any color of Gouache paint to higgins ink. 

Please choose other ink (such as Sumi Ink) if bleeding happens. 

Use with Martha Scribes' Atelier Paper for best and guaranteed non-bleed result

Higgins Eternal Black Ink

  • Color: Black Ink
    Size: 2.5 Fl. Oz / 73.9ml
    Total Weight: 105 gr

    Product of USA, Made in USA