Genuine Artists' Bronzes are very lightfast, more opaque and more brilliant than any metallic effect colours made of pearl pigment. These bronzes are formulated based on real metal, it contains bronze or aluminium pigments.

The Aqua Bronzes are suitable for watercolor or guache painting technique, currently available in 3 favorite colours at Scribes and Beyond, Rich Gold, Pale Gold and Silver. For glossy metal effect paintings on less absorbent surfaces such as paper, painting board, canvas, cardboard. 

Handling: Place the bronzes on the palette, dilute with few drops of water / distilled water. 

Opacity: add more water to achieve watercolor effect. Less water for opaque like gouache. 

Discounted price available for Non-Profit Organization.

Schmincke Aqua Bronze

  • Size: 20ml
    Bottle material: Glass
    Total Weight: 80gr

    Made in Germany